P-799 - Conical Adapter Assembly, to Connect Rigid-Walled Tubing to Soft-Walled Tubing Connects 1/8" OD Rigid-Walled Tubing to 3/32"-1/8" ID Peristaltic Tubing

Our Conical Adapter Assemblies facilitate the connection of rigid and semi-rigid walled tubing to soft-walled peristaltic tubing with a variety of inner diameters. The unique design of this adapter incorporates a two-stage nose onto which soft-walled tubing can be pressed, and the rigid-walled tubing is connected to the other end of the adapter assembly through the use of the included Super Flangeless(tm) fittings. Several options exist in this family, facilitating the connection of either 1/16″ OD or 1/8″ OD rigid and semi-rigid walled tubing and soft-walled tubing with an inner diameter as large as 1/8″ (3.2 mm), as indicated. Brochure

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Categorie: Instrumentele analyse
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