1325 - Tefzel(r) (ETFE) Tubing Kit

Our kit provides three of the most common inner diameters of Tefzel tubing used in HPLC systems. Tefzel (ETFE) Tubing delivers enhanced pressure-holding capabilities and continuous mechanical stability. Tefzel tubing is also ideal for solvent resistance. The unique material used for this tubing provides low gas permeability. This kit includes: (2) 1528 Tefzel Tubing – 1/16″ OD x .030″ ID x 5′, (2) 1529 Tefzel Tubing – 1/16″ OD x .010″ ID x 5′, (2) 1530 Tefzel Tubing – 1/8″ OD x .062″ ID x 5′ (1) A-327 Polymer Tubing Cutter.

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Categorie: Instrumentele analyse
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