0001-4804 - Upgrade Kit for Waters Alliance HPLC Degasser 2690/2695/2790/2795

The Biotech Systec AF® Degassing Replacement Kit for Waters Alliance HPLC degasser is simple to install in half an hour by any laboratory technician. This 4-channel upgrade kit comes with 4 (3 mL/min), 480 µl Systec AF 100% biocompatible vacuum chambers. All necessary bits and pieces are included in the kit. Easy to mount – installation manual included.

Please note that Waters degassing Chambers have a slightly different outer configuration but the inside of the chamber is, including the degassing membrane, identical. Biotech has designed a unique bracket which can be mounted into the Alliance Degasser. The unique design of the bracket allows mounting of either Waters original chambers, our Systec AF® chambers or a combination of both if there is no need to change all chambers.

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Categorie: Instrumentele analyse
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