Single Cell RNAseq Chip 1 (100µm etch depth), fluorophilic

Dolomite’s Single Cell RNA-seq Chip enables simple and robust creation of single cell libraries from tens of thousands of cells. The RNA seq Chip is a high precision, standardised version of the prototype PDMS Drop-seq Chip described in Macosko et al (Cell 161:1202).
Many biologically important events occur at the level of cells, so it has long been desired to analyze and follow tissues or cell populations at single cell resolution. For the first time, microfluidic droplet-based methods allow researchers to rapidly and easily discover new or cryptic cell types, and follow the behavior of thousands of cell types.

  • Manufactured in glass rather than PDMS: high precision, reproducible, robust, inert.
  • Rapidly create libraries ready for high throughput sequencing.
  • Libraries from each cell are uniquely bar coded.
  • The bead library can practically barcode over a million cells per experiment.
  • The library generation and bar coding workflow is fast, simple, rugged and robust.
  • Droplet production rate up to 4,000 droplets/second – higher throughput than the PDMS chips.