Programmable Peristaltic Pumps 9000 Series

For higher precision lower volume peristaltic dispensing, order the KD Scientific NE-9000G-xx. The green head is equipped with a 4 roller pump head and 1/16″ ID,√  Pump from a reservoir through replaceable continuous tubing.
√  Measured dispenses for production filling of bottles.
√  Fluid only comes into contact with the continuous tubing – not the pump.
√  Continuous Pumping. Up to 775 mL/min.
√  Dispenses and Withdraws.
√  Calibration function to improve precision.
√  Slow Down and Anti-Drip modes improve control of dispensing.
√  Optionally operates from a foot switch or external sensor.
√  Fully programmable with Computer interface for more advanced applications.