Massflowmeter/controllers’ speed of response

Alicat instruments’ inherently fast speed of response results from the method of measurement used. By relying on differential pressure measurement, Alicat mass
flow meters are able to respond to changes in flow within 10ms and Alicat controllers within 100ms.
Increased speed of response yields faster processes and better results. The faster a controller can respond to changes the more stable and more reliable
a system becomes. Think of the accelerator and brake characteristics on an automobile. The faster the acceleration and braking systems make changes the
easier it is to drive the car. If you apply gas or brake you want the car to begin moving, or stop, as quickly as possible. If there is a delay of several
seconds in accelerating or braking the result would likely be an accident.
Many processes work in much the same way. The slower the controls are to respond, the harder it is to work with the system. Although it may not seem to
be as critical to change gas flow as it is to stop a car, in some cases the cost of incorrect gas flow at critical times could be a lot more expensive than a
simple fender bender.