FMI050 - Tubing Adapter, for use with Rotary Piston Pump Heads For Soft-Walled Tubing, ID

Our Tubing Adapters features either a stem over which soft-walled tubing can be placed or a threaded port into which traditional compression fittings can be used to secure flow path tubing. These adapters offer a convenient method for connecting tubing to a variety of Rotary Piston Pump Heads — QP Q0.SKY, QP Q1.CKC, QP Q1.CKY, QP Q1.SKY, QP Q2.CKC, QP Q2.CKY, QP Q2.SKY, and QP Q3.CKC models. Multiple adapters for these pumps are offered, each that connects a different size of tubing to the receiving ports on the pump heads.

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Categorie: Instrumentele analyse
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